The Private Class hosted by Jasmine Mans is exclusively for artists who want to push themselves further as creative writers and performers. These private sessions are for those with serious short and long term goals for their artistic careers. They are also for those who need help making their goals. Together we will build a plan to enhance your artistic skills. These developmental classes are tailored specifically to you. 

  • Do you want someone to read your manuscript?
  • Do you want to learn performance skills?
  • Do you want to workshop your writing and editing?
  • Do you want to learn how to write?


  • We'll develop a personalized cirriculm based on your desired area of growth
  • We'll have a one-on-one class executing your curriculum
  • We'll have (2) over the phone followups
  • You will receive a complete audio recording of your session and your written personalized curriculum and evaluation

$50 - Non refundable down payment due within 7 days of enrollment

Final deposit due 24 hrs before class via invoice


( Classes held in private NYC/ NJ Locations )