greek network

I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

So, it goes without saying, that, I am familiar with the Greek Community, our annual events, and the brand of leadership, professionalism, and creativity that we believe in and have maintained for over 100 years. I am greatly honored by the opportunity I've had to work with Black Greeks all over this country in Poetry Events, Founders Days, Women's Initiatives.. to name just a few of the things we do. 

collabing with greeks

Scholarship: 2-Hr Workshop 

Fellowship: Meet & Greet or Community Creative Hang Out with Chapter or student body.

For Sororities: Sisterhood Sessions

Donation: Jasmine Mans will donate a percentage of her honorarium to your chapter's youth programming. 

Service: Poetry Performance, Standard flier design, Block booking

Free Tickets: Jasmine will provide greek organization with free admission into all her performances in said chapter's state, and region. Upon request.

Discount: Greeks will always receive a 15% - 30% discount when booking with another organization, using Block Booking. 


Discounted booking rates, 

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